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October 19, 2009 -
December 18, 2009

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In the fall of 2008, the firm launched the Goldman Sachs ReturnshipSM Program. The first program of its kind aims to provide individuals re-entering the workforce with an opportunity to sharpen the skills essential for “on-ramping.” Based on the success of the pilot program, we are proud to continue this signature on-ramping initiative by hosting a 2009 ReturnshipSM Program.

In May 2006, Goldman Sachs launched the Goldman Sachs New DirectionsSM initiative to provide talented individuals who have "off-ramped," or taken a voluntary break in their careers, with guidance and coaching on how to make a successful transition back into the workforce. To further this mission, the firm launched the Goldman Sachs ReturnshipSM.

The ReturnshipSM Program aims to prepare on-rampers for a return to the workforce. Throughout the eight week program, “returnees” are provided with an opportunity to:

  • Explore a new career path or reacquaint themselves with new market trends.
  • Gain work experience and strengthen technical skills.
  • Assess the feasibility of career-life balance while returning to the workforce on a full-time basis