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EMC Charity vOdgeball 2011

Hosted by
The EMC vSpecialists
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  Event Date
08-28-2011 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Sportscenter of Las Vegas
121 East Sunset Road
Las Vegas, NV


  Event Details

   WHAT:  A rules based dodge ball tournament (http://www.dodgeballusa.com/rules.html)
   M.C.’ed by Brian Gracely @bgracely and refereed by Mark Fields!
   WHO: Teams & Coaches   
  Come watch our industry leaders get pummeled with vOdgeballs!

            EMC vSpecialists Techies:  Chad "Himself" Sakac & Fred "In-&-Out" Nix

            EMC vSpecialist vSales:  Matt "Band Camp" Conway

            Juniper:  Chris "Beaker" Hoff 
            NetApp:  Vaughn "Its' me, Vaughn!®" Stewart
            NetApp2:  Friea “vBallers!” Berg 

            VMware: John "Chewbacca" Troyer
            VCE:  Trey "You buyin'?" Layton
            Dell:  Marc "Would you like a CX with that?" Keating
            HP:  Left-handed Lee Ramby
            Virtually All Girls":  Gina "Gurls Rule" Rosenthal  (All female twitter team)
            Cisco:  Clint Greenwood 
To raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, and have a blast in the process!
To let off a little steam and kick butt for bragging rights before the insanity of VMworld

To learn more about the Wouded Warriors project, click here

If you cannot attend and would still like to donate, click here to donate.

All the teams participating, and the wounded warriors themselves, thank you!

$5 donation is suggested and appreciated. 100% of the proceeds go to the Wounded Warriors Project

Folks can purchase a variety of snacks as well as beer and liquor.

Please promote this event thru your social media outlets.

Have a crazy idea for vOdgeball?  Don’t sit back and wait until it is too late!  Let's do it!  Nothing’s too crazy, it IS  Vegas after all.

Contact  Fred Nix at 404.669.6665 or @VCEMonk!

Watch last year's short video and multiply that by 5!

 2010 VMworld vOdgeball - San Francisco video:

See the M.C (Brian Gracely) in action:

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