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  How to Develop and Add Search to Your Marketing Plans and Strategies

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - Friday, June 22, 2007

Westin Chicago River North
320 North Dearborn
Chicago, IL  60610
United States



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The In Search of Business training seminar is an educational forum for executives, marketers and agencies to gain the broad and impartial knowledge and understanding of the search engine industry companies, their product and service offerings, tools, best practices, research and strategies needed to remain competitive.


This training will be invaluable for executives, marketers and agencies alike, whether doing Search Engine Optimization and/or Performance-based SEM in-house or outsourcing all or part of the many tasks and elements involved with each program.  Attendees will learn to dissect and fully understand the components of search engine marketing, how it fits in the overall marketing mix, how to invest in and balance SEO activities with performance-based programs, how to optimize campaigns with different objectives, how develop ROI metrics, how to use research data to support SEM plans and buys, and gain the knowledge and insight necessary to decide whether to outsource or perform some or all of the functions within the agency or company.


In Search of Business will interpret the world of search engine marketing and allow you to make the best decisions as to when and how to incorporate these activities into overall marketing and/or online marketing strategies and programs for long- and short-term results. The course will explain the pro’s and con’s of SEM strategies that utilize different components and how these will impact your website strategy.  The course will use case studies to demonstrate how different optimization and performance programs were developed to maximize campaign and website ROI as well as what efforts, technology and staffing are required to manage your optimization efforts internally or through outside resources.  Attendees will learn about the different roles and relationships between the search vendors, portals, optimization, research and service companies.


This will be a fast-paced learning environment with a hard-hitting and informative approach.  Attendees will learn what it takes to embrace and incorporate the power of search engine optimization and performance-based programs into their overall search engine marketing initiatives.  As with all Laredo Group courses over the past 7 years, you will leave with specific and immediately usable ideas and knowledge that will enable you to “hit the ground running” the very day after you complete the seminar…maybe even the same day!


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Sorry, you have missed the last day to sign up for this event.